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At First Baptist, we promote “living faith”.

This means that we try to live for Jesus daily.

We are not a church with all the answers; we have many questions and struggles ourselves. Instead, we are a church that works together to live as Jesus taught. We are a people of missions, and we are on a mission to share the love of God with each other, our community, and the world.

We welcome you to share in a time of worship at your earliest convenience!

We are located in downtown Mount Holly:

FBC Mount Holly

300 South Main Street
Mount Holly, NC 28120

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Additionally, please feel free to call (704.827.2481) or email us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is worship at First Baptist like?

For information see the Worship section of our website.

How does First Baptist ensure children’s safety?

While First Baptist is a church welcoming to all people, we do so in a way that ensures the protection and safety of our children. We are a church that has enacted SafeChild policies for all our children’s and youth ministries.

How must I dress to attend First Baptist?

Clothes would be nice. On a more serious note, folks at our church wear business suits, shorts, a golf shirt, and attire everywhere in between. Most of our members could be described as wearing business casual. We believe in the principle of bringing our best to God. We understand that might mean a suit or dress to one person, and it might look different to someone else. In the end, we are far more interested in people’s hearts and souls than their exterior dress.

There are many kinds of Baptists. What kind of Baptists are you?

We are Baptists that stress freedom. We treasure the authority of the Bible, but also expect to wrestle with the tremendous complexity of the scriptures. We trust women to be in roles of leadership in the Church (we have had female deacons for decades). We believe that every Baptist church is autonomous. We can not be completely identified by who we partner with, but instead believe we are best identified by the way we worship, practice discipleship, build community, and do mission in the world.

What does Children’s ministry look like at First Baptist?

Every church’s approach to children’s ministry is somewhat unique. At First Baptist there are some things that we really stress. We place a really high value on music, the Bible, missions and worship with our kids.
We try to teach all these lessons in ways that are both fun and transformational for our kids. For more information see our children’s ministry page.

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