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Sermons for 2008
12/14/2008 Kendell Cameron Luke 1:26-38 "Here Am I?"  (Audio Only) Audio
12/07/2008 Kendell Cameron Isaiah 40:1-11 "Comfort, Comfort"  (Audio Only) Audio
11/30/2008 Kendell Cameron Isaiah 64:1-9 "Advent Sinners"  (Audio Only) Audio
11/23/2008 Kendell Cameron Daniel 5:1-6 "Do You See the Handwriting on the Wall?"  (Audio Only) Audio
10/19/2008 Kendell Cameron Daniel 3:1-12 "To Whom Do You Bow?"  (Audio Only) Audio
10/12/2008 Kendell Cameron Daniel 2:1-11 "Who is Your Boss?"  (Audio Only) Audio
10/05/2008 Kendell Cameron Daniel 1:1-20 "Do You Eat Only From The Lord's Table?"  (Audio Only) Audio
9/28/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 45:1-15 "A Hollywood Ending"  (Audio Only) Audio
9/21/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28 "Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat"  (Audio Only) Audio
9/07/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 32:22-31 "We Are Israel"  (Audio Only) Audio
8/31/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 28:10-19 "Climbing Jacob's Ladder"  (Audio Only) Audio
8/24/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 25:19-34 "To Grab a Hold of Something"  (Audio Only) Audio
8/17/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 25:1-11 "A Modest Proposal for Middle East Peace"  (Audio Only) Audio
8/03/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 22:1-14 "The Lord Will Provide"  (Audio Only) Audio
7/27/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 21:1-20 "Sibling Rivalries"  (Audio Only) Audio
7/06/2008 Kendell Cameron Genesis 12:1-9 "The Covenant"  (Audio Only) Audio

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